Monday, January 18, 2010

Guestblog: Nikki from Word for Teens

Today's guest post is from another of my blogger friends, Nikki from Word for Teens.

An Ode to Harmony - A Collection Of Random Poems Dedicated To Her Awesomness
By Nicole of WORD for Teens

There once was a blogger named Harmony
Who reviewed books from Hush, Hush to Harry.
It started in '08
And now we've reached the date:
Two years since she started, how merry!

Awesomesauce has found
a home at Harmony Book
Reviews. Joyous days!

H is for the girl who began it
A is for awesomeness that is it
R is for the reviews that are posted
M for the magic it's created
O is for the opinions that vary
N for the Nicole who's writing this, and
Y for the young adult that she reads.

I've been following Harmony Book Reviews since it started and it's only gotten better since then. It's been two years of fantastic reviews, wonderful contests, and generally interesting content. Am I psyched for what will come?

Can I get a Oh yeah!?

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Melissa Walker said...

Oh yeah! Great tribute Nikki!