Monday, January 4, 2010

Guestblog: James of Book Chic

Today's guest blog is by one of my favorite reviewers and the first reviewer I ever met - James of Book Chic. Enjoy!


So when Harmony asked me to write a guest blog for her two-year blogoversary and gave me two topics to choose from, I immediately responded back with a "How DARE you steal my two-year blogoversary guest blog ideas!! You thief! You bamboozler (which, by the way, is not even a word according to Microsoft Word and also doesn't really fit the situation but I like saying it)!" I decided not to speak to her at all because of her stealing my completely original, never-used-before-me copyrighted guest blog topic ideas and would take her to court.

Then I realized that I had no money for a lawyer and also that I had never actually copyrighted those ideas. So I reluctantly agreed to write a guest blog and here I am.

I first met Harmony through the Meg Cabot forums a few times without realizing it before meeting her in the blogosphere. We eventually made the connection through many conversations and it was fun to realize that connection. We've continued to chat and give each other advice and book recommendations. And this past summer, we even met up in DC at a book signing! It was so much fun hanging out with her for a bit in person. It sucks being internet friends because you get to know each other online for so long but a lot of times, you're always so far away from each other and it's hard to hang out in person.

Anyway, Harmony is a wonderful person and a fantastic blogger. I love what she does with her blog, and now what she's doing to help out Pennsylvania libraries is just tremendous and a testament to how great she is. I also love how she's buying all the books being used in giveaways this month and helping out the authors and publishers.

Harmony, you're a great blogger and I really hope you continue doing what you've been doing for many years to come. Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this momentous occasion!

Now please stop stealing my ideas!! >:( Grawr!"

(Harmony's note - We did do pretty similar things for our 2 year blogoversaries but I did not steal his ideas on purpose!)


Erin said...

haha, so much fun to read. :]

BookChic said...

Thanks so much for having me!! :)

Though I am still very shocked and appalled at having my ideas stolen. ;)

Shweta said...

Congrats on the 2 year blogoversary.. :)

YA Book Queen said...

Guestblogs are so fun to read. ;)