Friday, January 29, 2010

Guestblog: Cherry Cheva

Today's guestblog is by Cherry Cheva, who wrote one of the few books that made me crack up uncontrolabley. (It's called She's So Money - check it out).

HAPPY TWO-YEAR BLOGOVERSARY TO HARMONY BOOK REVIEWS! And since this a BLOG and not a CHILD, I am sure these twos will NOT be terrible at all! Let us reflect on the awesomeness of Harmony, shall we?

1) Harmony is the mastermind behind the whole 1-ARC tour thing, which is like the greatest thing EVER. Seriously. When I first heard of this, it was all I could do not to jump out of my chair and go "That's genius!" In fact, I may have done that. I mean, it's such a ridiculously great idea that I have no idea why people haven't been doing it since the dark ages, except for the fact that in the dark ages, they didn't have mail, so how would one send the ARCs around, and did they even have books, because when was the printing press invented, and also, could anybody read? I'm bad with history. Anyway, I have been fortunate enough to join many other authors in having our ARCs sent around in this manner, and knowing that our limited number of review copies end up in so many more hands because of Harmony's work rules. RULES!

2) Harmony is also the name of a character from the Whedonverse. See: Buffy, Angel. This is awesome.

3) Harmony is something that sounds pretty when sung. See: Glee. Also awesome.

4) Harmony contains the word "harm" which perhaps sounds like a negative but is actually a neutral statement because what if you're doing harm to an EVIL person or thing, like Voldemort? Exactly.

5) Harmony also contains "mony" which is either half of the serviceably catchy 80s tune "Mony Mony" or just a very slightly misspelled "money" which is something that we can all use to buy more books. Thus, a positive.

6) Harmony can be rearranged to spell "hay morn." This conjures up images of a sunny beautiful day on a farm. This is pleasant. Harmony can also be rearranged to spell "may horn." This sounds sort of like the punchline to a dirty joke involving unicorns. Dirty jokes are good, and unicorns are just dandy. Unless you're team zombie, but I'm getting off topic.

7) Harmony is a book blogger, and book bloggers are heroes-- especially to us authors who don't have zillions of our publishers' marketing dollars being thrown at us every five seconds. Some of us don't get to have our books in every bookstore. Some of us aren't in any. But bloggers help our words reach readers who might not otherwise hear about us, and for this, we are bigtime grateful. I mean, blogging takes WORK. First of all, it's writing, which is hard enough to do anyway, but it's even harder to do on top of school and/or jobs and/or life's general activities and/or whatever else. PLUS, book reviewing also requires a massive amount of reading, which, sure, is fun and you were doing it anyway, which is why you started the blog in the first place, but then to spend time crafting a well-thought-out review, posting it up for the world to see, and then reacting to and interacting with that world as opinions and counteropinions fly in, not all of them necessarily positive? That's effort, people. That's effort and bravery and dedication, and for this, bloggers deserve not only polite, classy golf claps, but also a rousing standing ovation, and perhaps even some loud cheering and screaming and some rowdy throwing of chairs and starting of riots. Bloggers ROCK, y'all. They rock! So HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY TO HARMONY and kisses and hugs to book bloggers in general! :D Keep up the good work! *throws chair* (see, told you it was worth some chair-throwing) :)


Sara said...

Oh My God I was laughing like mad when I read this post! Cherry, if you're reading this, you're hilarious! I LOOOVED your first book She's So Money (it's actually one of my favorite books of ALL TIME)! I haven't gotten the chance to read DupliKate yet, but I would love to do so!

Harmony - you're awesome too. Did you know that your blog was one of the first book blogs I discovered and started to follow? Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful book blogging community! :)


MissA said...

Cherry Chevva is so funny! I loved, loved She's so Money and it's so cool that she wrote a guest blog celebrating your blogaversary fro you, congrats :)

The funniest comment was probably the one about harmony having the word "money" in it. Cherry is so creative and talented. And thank you for your kind words about book bloggers (I totally want to print that out and treasure it forever so after writing a bad review that makes an author made or getting annyoing spam/anonymous comments I can see this and laugh/smile!)

Same comment as sara, Harmony, your book blog was one of the first ones that I found. And I signed up for my first 1 ARC Tour so here's hoping I get to particpate, it's a wonderful idea and I hope you like your new blog on blogger!

Erin said...

OMG. I laughed so hard while reading that. What a fun and wonderful post!! :]