Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Mistake (The A Circuit) by Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka

Title: My Favorite Mistake (The A Circuit #2)

Author: Georgina Bloomberg and Catherine Hapka

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
My Copy: finished copy from publicist


Tommi, Zara, and Kate are all elite riders on the A Circuit. Tommi, the billionaire heiress, is training a young horse to prove she can make horses a real career. But when her new beau, Alex, convinces her to skip a horse show to party in the Hamptons, the results could be disastrous. Zara, the celebutante wild child, is finally taking her riding seriously. Until the new "nanny" her dad hires threatens to upstage Zara's party girl status. Then there's Kate. She doesn't have money to burn like the others, but she does have Fitz, the barn's resident hot guy. But when the pressure of being a working student builds, Kate's perfectionist tendencies threaten to get in the way of her relationship and her riding.

Readers who are growing out of the Canterwood Crest series or searching for an A-list fix have found just what they're looking for in the A Circuit series.

My Thoughts: The A Circuit series is officially my guilty pleasure series. While I enjoyed the first novel in the series, I enjoyed My Favorite Mistake much more. The authors truly hit their groove with this one, creating a novel that is fun and enjoyable while also hitting upon some tougher subjects.

I love this series because it plays into all the dreams I had when I was 12 – to ride horses competitively and spend almost every minute living and breathing horses. What I love even more is that while I don't really have any experience riding horses at all, let alone in such a competitive circuit, I am still able to relate to the characters. So while this is aimed at horse-lovers, I think others will be able to enjoy it too.

The one thing that bothered me the most about the first book was the drinking and other things “just because”. And while those things still happen in My Favorite Mistake, I felt they were handled so much better. A few other topics, like eating disorders, are also touched upon and while this is far from an “issue” book, I was glad to see these things brought up. I am looking forward to Book 3 where we hopefully get to see the characters go a little more in-depth with some things.

Overall, I definitely recommend this to readers who have grown out of the Canterwood Crest/Thoroughbred/Saddle Club age range. While I don't think it's appropriate for younger teens, I think that anyone 15+ (or even 14+) will love this one. Can't wait for Book 3!


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Jasmin Murray said...

does anyone know when the third book is coming out???