Sunday, December 27, 2009

New blog!

I've finally made the switch from my old Wordpress to this blogger. I'm still working on getting everything set up but I do have a lot of contests and posts coming so be sure to follow now!


readthisbook said...

I was thinking of switching to Blogger too but I can't decide. *sigh* I'm more comfortable with WP.

Nice layout, by the way!

Melanie said...

I'm actually planning on moving over to WP. What prompted your switch?

FireandIce said...

I have loved blogger!

Harmony said...

Readthisbook - I'm also more comfortable with WP but Blogger isn't horrible.

Melanie - I guess the biggest thing that prompted the change was that a publicist said they couldn't send me books because my stats were available and my followers weren't shown. They told me to add a follower widget and Sitemeter but Wordpress doesn't allow that. I thought other publicists might feel the same way so here I am