Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suzanne Young Guest Blog!

Today, as part of the A Need So Beautiful Tour, Suzanne Young has stopped by to talk about the difference between writing A Need So Beautiful and The Naughty List Series!


My first series, THE NAUGHTY LIST, was a ton of fun to write. My family and I would sometimes call out funny phrases like Great Caesar’s Ghost! for my character to say while we were at the dinner table. And although TNL had some sad moments, it was overall a very enjoyable experience.

A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL was very different in that I held on to the idea for a while, twisting it in my head, writing random scenes here and there and then telling my husband about it. It was a very personal story to me, the idea of a stranger being there to help you through a crisis, leaving you wondering if it was real at all. I loved the idea of this girl having the choice to give up everything or fight for her life. aNsB was definitely not dinner conversation. I wrote it very alone, very peacefully—sometimes crying.

But both experiences of writing stayed true to the mood I was conveying with the stories. Maybe I’m a method writer?

See the post below this for my review of A Need so Beautiful, out this month! Also be sure to check out this trailer:

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Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

Love this post! You can tell a big difference between her writing which I think is awesome when an author can completely do a flip of a switch with story telling.