Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2 Exciting Things!

I'll be back to blogging regularly pretty soon but I have 2 things I think everyone should know about.

1.) The PAYA Festival is going to be August 21st in West Chester, PA. A full author list will be released in a month or so but I can tell you right now that it's going to be GREAT. There's also going to be a writing workshop. Check out the deets here.

2.) Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert, which is my all-time favorite book, is on Amazon for $4.86. Yes, people, LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS. So I *highly* suggest you go buy it. Need some convincing? Here's my review. Now go buy it. You won't regret it. And, if you have a copy, buy one for a friend. I plan on ordering at least five!

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